Recommended 5 Fool-style APP Development Tools

Recommended 5 Fool-style APP Development Tools

The mobile APP applications are spreading. Many people welcome the corresponding development and application. However, the development of mobile APP applications also requires development tools. The following are 5 Fool-style APP development tools compiled for everyone. I hope this article can help everyone's work.

1. Tools for Developing App, App Press
The first is a mobile app software development tool. It adopts web technology. That is App Press. You can use the mobile app application development tool without knowing coding technology. App Press can use on iPhone, iPad and Android. App Press uses virtual resource application layers to plan the screen. It aims to achieve Photoshop-like effects. Be convenient for the designers. It makes the development of app software simpler and faster.

2. A Tool for Developing Mobile App, Apepery
Apepery is also a development tool for mobile app applications. It need not be programmed. Apepery is an app development tool based on cloud technology. Apepery supports the development and production of apps for some platforms. Android, Apple and WinPhone. In addition, Apepery includes Apache Cordova (the core engine of the open source framework Phone GAP) in its app development components.

3. Tools for Developing App, GoodBarber
The mobile software development tool mentioned next is only for Android and Apple systems. It has a nice name called GoodBarber. GoodBarber app has two major features. One is to allow users to control every detail of the personal app. You can do these without modifying any code at all. Another feature is development templates. Fresh users can choose nine templates. They are high-definition and gorgeous app design and development templates.

4. App Development Tool, Appmachine
Appmachine is an easy-to-use development tool. It can design and develop professional native apps on iOS and Android. You only need to know how to drag and drop the interface. You can integrate different building modules to display your app. Users can link them to their Facebook, Twitter or App Store.

5. Mobile Phone App Development Software, IBuildApp
This tool is a development application based on web technology. It is iBuildApp. This mobile app production tool support Android Apple system. It also supports iPad system. IBuildApp provides multi-user types of app development templates. Users can make their own app software in 5 minutes or the like.

The above five silly APP development tools are simple. They are easy to use and operate. Even beginners an APP in a short time. They may not know about programming. It is very suitable for beginners. Maybe you are interested in this area. You can try the above development tools.

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