Dropbox, uh, drops new screen and video capture tool

Since the pandemic started, all software companies have been launching collaborative tools to help remote teams. Dropbox is announcing a few such features today, including a video/screen capture, video collaborations, and a tool for adding digital creations to shopping listings.

Dropbox‘s new screen and video capture tool is simply called Capture , and it’s launching today in beta. It lets you record your screen, and even provide video commentary with it, so you can easily explain concepts and ideas to your teammates.

The new tool lets you also capture GIFs, audio recordings, and just you on the camera. The company’s idea behind this is to avoid unnecessary meetings when you can easily send video messages.

Dropbox is not the only company to think about this. In June, Slack rolled out new functions, including video messages, to cut down on excessive video calls.

The cloud storage service is also launching Replay, a video collaboration and management tool. It allows your teammates to leave comments and suggestions (frame-by-frame if needed), so that they don’t need to download clips.

Replay also works for folks who might not have a Dropbox account, so you can show video projects to clients for quick feedback easily. What’s more, there’s a live viewing feature that lets you see the video together with other folks on the project.

For digital content creators, Dropbox is launching Shop, which will let you quickly create listings based on cloud-stored files. Plus, you’ll be able to share these listings with customers through social media in a second.

Dropbox Replay and Shop are launching soon, and Dropbox Capture will be available in beta for personal and business account users starting today.

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