What do You Need to Prepare before You Self-study Android Development?

Android and IOS platforms are popularized and promoted with the constantly rapid development of global Internet in recent years. Mobile development is a very hot employment orientation at present. More and more people want to join this industry due to its high salary. A lot of people want to know how to learn Android development. What can be learnt? Is it hard to learn? Now we are going to make a general conclusion about how to self-study Android development for your reference.

To self-study Android development is very hard and tired. Many people start to learn, but rare of them keep learning to the end. These basic abilities can help you make it to the end before you self-study Android development. Firstly, you need to be interested in Android development and Internet. Only interest from the inside can keep going. Then you need to have powerful learning ability. Continual learning ability can help you have in-depth knowledge about development.

Thirdly, you need to have ability to solve problems. Kinds of problems would surely occur in the process of self-learning. You could not be impatient at this time. You need to learn to analyse problems and then solve problems. It will bring you great advantage in your job of Android development in the future.

To learn Android development, you need to have some knowledge about JAVA. If you do not know about it, you had better learn it first. It would be better if you can write a program in a line or two. Here we recommend a relatively simple book, Head First JAVA. You need to have basic knowledge about JAVA after you learn. It includes extends, interface, string, nested classes, anonymous class, collection, simple multi-thread, Socket network and so on. After you practice those in person, phase one is completed. Phase two is to lean advanced content about Android development. You can select some basic books about Android development. After you finish

learning these, you can develop some simple apps on your own. You can review the previous knowledge by writing some simple functional apps. Practice is the best learning method. You can test how many skills you have mastered by developing software. Apart from book learning, you can also find some teaching video to learn. You can develop on your own while you learn from the teaching video. This can maximize the efficiency of self-study. Besides these, it is also indispensable to lean from Android official website and some most authoritative websites.

A very noticeable feature of Android system is that the open source is free. You can easily get the source codes of Android system to learn. In this way, you will know more about the design of Android system. After you know that, you can start from developing some simple Android apps. Above we have discussed how to self-study Android development in some rudiment areas. As long as you learn it patiently, you can master it. The key point is whether you can keep it to the end.

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