For a Zero-based Hobbyist, How to Learn Android Development

For a Zero-based Hobbyist, How to Learn Android Development

Some people are particularly interested in developing android software. But if you don’t have knowledge and experience, it is unknown to start. So how do you learn software development from zero. Nothing will be a done well just for one step, but it needs step by step. The first is to read the relevant books. Then learn from websites, sharing platforms or video tutorials.

The most important for learning Android development is Java. Java is the foundation. Without a foundation. Without it, you just copy others procedures. And it hasn’t any sense. For specific learning methods, you can read books or watch videos. But the key is to practice more. Both the exercises from the book or the video need to be done carefully.

If you want to learn Android development, you still need Linux operations besides Java. Linux operations are also important foundation. Because you'll need to use some Linux commands in the process. You can choose and study some professional books. It will be a good suggest to practice with a project. If not, join some study groups. These groups will arrange the members to different projects regularly. And these are completely free! As long as you are firm, and study for half a year, you can nearly do it by yourself.

Here are some specific learning content and books of each stage:

1. Java.
If you read books, don't start with Java Programming Ideas or Java Core Programming! Dull books like them, can destroy your thirst for knowledge and motivation.
a. Highly recommended Head First Java. It's condensed, and have interesting exercises. Only take short time and less than one month if you put all your energy in. This time includes completing all exercises and examples in the book. Kind remind that these examples and exercises must be carefully studied by yourself.
b. The Effective Java. After with some foundation, the book covers various pits and traps in Java. It's a thin book but rich content. All needs to be experienced in the process of continuous learning.

2. Design Pattern.
The Head First design pattern is recommended. It covers various design patterns commonly used in Java programs. Still the same advice, operate examples and exercises more times. Then think more about why these design patterns exist. The UI is an essential element of Android development. How do you finish the UI blueprint perfectly? Once you have the PxCook, the layout will be very simple.

By now, you should know how to learn software development from zero. The vital important is to find more books, learn more and practice more. Then correct your omissions and mistakes with the help of the professional. So that there are no barriers to zero foundation.

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