Google’s latest Chromecast is finally getting Apple TV+

If you’re a Google TV user who’s been dying to watch some Apple TV+ content, I have some good news: an Apple TV app is finally coming to the latest Chromecast in “early 2021.”

As noted by Google in its announcement post , that will make the Chromecast with Google TV “one of the only streaming devices will all the major video subscriptions.” Apple TV+ was pretty much the only one left.

Google specifically mentions the latest Chromecast in its blog post, not Android TV devices in general, so it’s not clear if the app will make its way over to devices like the Nvidia Shield as well. There’s no obvious reason why it wouldn’t work on Google TV as well as Android TV, but it’s possible Google and Apple have some kind of partnership deal in place.

The move follows the recent availability of Apple Music on Google Assistant devices, announced just last week . It’s nice to see the companies getting along; it’s that holiday magic, I suppose.

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