What is Nanocrystal Glass and Why is it Better?

Have you heard of the nanoglass technology involving the HONOR Magic V2? This is the new glass that is incorporated into this new phone from HONOR. Knowing that the HONOR Magic V2 price Saudi Arabia starts around SAR 2000 to SAR 3000, you understand that this phone is durable in every aspect of its body. In this article, you will learn more about nanocrystals and why this phone is better than your typical smartphone.





Benefits of Nanoglass Technology of the HONOR Magic V2


Nanoglass technology


HONOR has continued to produce high-quality products in its line of smartphones this year. One way to give the best value for money for the newest of the HONOR Magic V series is by equipping the phone with nanoglass technology. And with the HONOR Magic V2 price Saudi Arabia right now, you are definitely getting a premier flagship from one of the top phone manufacturers in the world today.


The nanoglass technology that is utilized by HONOR on the Magic V2 is a second generation innovation that continues to innovate over time. Nanoglass or nano crystallized glass is a material that is known to be very durable. It is also a flexible product that can be placed on almost any item that needs elegance and durability.

Nanoglass is made of a combination of different natural materials that are researched and experimented with so that the end result is a flexible and very capable product. Aside from phones, nano glass technology is also used in household sections and other products that need resilience to outside elements and everyday wear.


Drop resistance


Because of the nanoglass technology, you can depend on the HONOR Magic V2 to be more resistant to damage in terms of accidental drops and scratches. Having a phone that is ten times more drop-resistant is a relief for those people who are on the go. Everyone would agree that people of all ages tend to drop their phones at least once during the phone’s lifetime. It gives the user a great assistance to know that the manufacturer itself makes sure that the phone is fully capable of resisting damage from drops. It is always great that both HONOR and the owner of the owner can take care of the device.


Longer lifespan


Most of the damage that phones incur is through drops. Screens are cracked because of accidental drops on the floor. Because of nanoglass technology, you are actually prolonging the life of your phone. Today, it can be quite expensive to replace the screen of your device. It is good to know that HONOR also ensures the reliability of the phone by incorporating a resilient protector on their devices. HONOR also continues to do their own research so that each part of their phones does not just provide the best features but also offers the best protection on their hardware.

As the nanoglass technology protects the phone, you are also guaranteed longer lifespans for the phone itself. You can enjoy using your smartphone without any worries about having it repaired or replaced because the materials that make up the phone are also resistant to damage.







When you look at the design of the HONOR Magic V2, you would say that it is just a typical folding phone. But the nanoglass technology boosts its durability along with the many robust mechanical parts, including the hinge that it has to make the phone last longer. The HONOR Magic V2 price Saudi Arabia will guarantee that you get the investment that you put into this smartphone. Take a second look at this device and find out more about the resilience of this product.

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