Basic skills required for Android Development

Basic skills required for Android Development

The rapid development of science and technology. Electronic technology products are changing with each passing day. The R & D of Android is also improving. If you want to learn Android development, you need to master a variety of technologies. Through practical operation, to exercise their own development ability. So as to gradually improve their own development level. If you want to learn Android development, you need to master the following skills.

Foundation part

First is to solid Java foundation. Proficient in object-oriented programming (OOP). Familiar with Java serialization mechanism to realize IPC mechanism under Android.

Second is good development habits. The pursuit of smooth UI experience, clean code.

Third is to master the four components of Android. (Activity,Service,Content Provider,Broadcast Receiver)

Fourth is skillfully to use the set. IO stream and multi thread breakpoints upload and download. And the use of thread pool.

Fifth is to be familiar with the use of Recyclerview, Listview, other important controls. And their optimization and Asynchronous Task loading network data.

Sixth is to master the multi touch and gesture recognition in Android. Familiar with Android event distribution mechanism under View. And it can handle the sliding event conflict.

Seventh is Skillfully to handle the combination of Activity, Fragment and Viewpage. And can skillfully handle the communication between Activity and Fragment, Fragment and Fragment.

Eighth is to be familiar with the development of broadcasting and other related functions under Android system.

Ninth is to be familiar with data encryption and decryption under Android. Familiar with Android image processing Bitmap class.

Interface UI

First is to be familiar with the layout design of Android. There is also a new version of Material Design layout and design.Familiar with custom controls and the use of some mainstream third-party controls and so on.

Secondly, familiar with animations, selectors, styles and themes in Android. Can achieve most of the animation effects in the market.

Third is proficient and able to independently solve the screen adaptation of various Android models on the market.

Network and communication

First is to be familiar with the Handler message mechanism under Android. And can skillfully use Handler, Eventbus 3.0 and Rxandroid mechanism.

Second is to be familiar with XML or JSON data parsing and JSON or XML generation. And Android SQLiter database storage mode.

Third is can use ContentProvider. Use it to access and change the phone system address book and SMS data.

Fourth is to be familiar with Android hybrid development. There are also the use of native App and HTML5, JS interaction, data communication.

Fifth is skillfully to use the development of important modules in Android development. For example, network requests.

Sixth is to be familiar with IM (instant messaging) development based on XMPP communication protocol. And third-party IM development SDK.

Seventh is to be familiar with data transfer between interfaces (Intent and eventbus3.0, etc.). Understand inter-process communication (AIDL, file sharing, etc.).

Eighth is to be familiar with Android network communication technology. To have a certain understanding of socket communication, TCP/IP, and HTTP.

The development of Android is a complex project. Users need to master the basic knowledge of Android development more comprehensively. Only in this way can we deal with more problems encountered in the development.

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